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Colorado Center for Neurofeedback & Peak Performance

Life is simpler when your brain functions more efficiently.

All of us here are dedicated to helping each person reach his/her potential. Our computer technology can help promote the development of new, healthy brain patterns which can lead to more functional behavior.

What is Neurofeedback? 

Neurofeedback is simply biofeedback for the brain. Reaching a state of centered focus in life can be difficult or impossible if you have brain waves that are out of sync.

Neurofeedback can help restore the right amount of each brainwave, and ensure that all of the brainwaves are in harmonious balance with each other.

Scientists have learned that certain disorders are associated with very distinctive brain wave patterns. Neurofeedback helps balance brain waves and eliminates or diminishes problem behaviors without the use of medication. Unlike medication, neurofeedback has no physical side effects, and the benefits of neurofeedback have been proven to be long lasting.


Long-Lasting Benefits 

Many different disorders can be improved or eliminated by using neurofeedback. Treatment is noninvasive, and not painful, has no physical side effects, and the benefits are long-lasting. Neurotherapy can bring peace, focus, and balance to your life.
Don’t stand in the way of your own success. Neurofeedback can train the brain to remain calm and focused, decrease impulsivity and anxiety while increasing mental flexibility. Success in business, sports, and school comes from having the mental edge over your competition.

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“He completed neurofeedback …
and is now thriving in a GT program.”

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