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About Our History

The Colorado Center for Neurofeedback (originally Evergreen Neurotherapy) was founded in 2010, after Mary Page's son completed neurofeedback training at home. Many people in our community were asking about the profound behavior changes they were noticing in him. She explained it was all a result of neurofeedback. She was asked again and again to help other children, and quickly became busy enough to rent an office space. Soon she needed to move to a larger space and hire employees. Our second office was added in Denver West, which has since then moved to Applewood and we have continued to help hundreds of people of all ages reach their goals. Kristin became a partner in 2020, and together we will continue to focus on providing the best therapy for each client.

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Our Philosophy

At the Colorado Center for Neuorfeedback & Peak Performance we are dedicated to helping each person reach his or her potential.  While some clients are experiencing great challenges, other may just want to get the edge over their competition at school, work or in a sport.  We are hear to help.


We understand that there are no magic bullets.  Real change takes work. We offer individual therapy, personal health coaches as well as functional medicine evaluations to look at the whole picture, develop a realist plan and help get you back on track, or take you to the next level.

Education and Certifications

BCIA - Biofeedback Certification International Alliance

All of our therapists are certified through BCIA. This is the only agency that certifies providers in neurofeedback.  We strongly support the need for national certification of all neurofeedback providers.  

ISNR - International Society for Neuroregulation & Resarch

Each year there is an international conference as well as multiple educational opportunities offered by ISNR.  Keeping up on the latest research is an important reason that we feel we provide the best Neurofeedback options.

Q-EEG Certification

Our neurofeedback is ALWAYS guided by a brain map or Q-EEG.  The data is collected and then analyzed to develop the protocol that will guide your treatment.  Our data is analyzed by a provider certified in Q-EEG

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