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“Brain Brightening” with neurofeedback is a term that is used to describe a process by which the brain is taught to increase its activity and improve its flexibility. 


As we age, it is normal to experience a decline in alertness, memory, and reaction time. 

It may be more difficult to complete tasks, pay attention to essential information, or remember details. 


Due to neuroplasticity, the brain is capable of creating new neural pathways.  Neurofeedback is an effective way of generating and strengthening neural pathways, which then allows the brain to retain new information, recover from injury or illness, and improve cognitive capabilities, no matter a person’s age. 


Neurofeedback can help promote more optimal functioning of brain activity and may be beneficial for anyone who wishes to improve mental clarity, memory, or emotional reactions. 

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Keep Engaged at any AGE!

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Neurofeedback may be beneficial for those who feel overwhelmed, lack clarity or have a feeling of fuzziness, feel dull or unengaged, or for those who feel their general memory may be faltering. If one’s focus is improved, and the body and mind feel calmer, personal stress is reduced.


While “brain brightening” typically refers to helping the aging mind, the stress of today’s world makes this a viable option for people of all ages.

Getting older is a fact of life, but Neurofeedback can help with that feeling of "not being quite as quick".  I recently completed 40 sessions of neurofeedback and then went back to visit my siblings.   While I used to struggled to remember names and dates, now I have no problem at all.  I find that I retain more when I read and don't seem to be forgetful. With aging it is important to exercise your mind and body. Neurofeedback is like a targeted exercise for your brain.  It challenges you to be calm and focused at the same time.  I will continue to do "refresher" sessions each year, and hope some of my friends will too. We need to stay sharp to keep up with the grandkids!


After hearing about brain mapping and neurofeedback for years, I was curious to try it.  At age 63, I was getting ready to begin an intense, month-long training program that required a lot of focus and memorization.  My first brain map showed that I'd had a head injury at some point in my life.  After completing my personalized neurotherapy program, I was able to focus much better.  My short-term memory improved, and I excelled in the training program.  In fact I was told that I was well above average for any age group!

The staff is wonderful, and I would be happy to talk to anyone considering neurofeedback!



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