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Our Team 



Mary Page is a Certified Nurse Practitioner and Certified Neurotherapist. She has a Master’s of Science in Nursing, and is certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner, a Womens’ Health Care Nurse Practitioner and a Nurse Midwife. In addition to her nursing degrees, Mary Page has a BA in Elementary Education from Roanoke College, and taught 7th grade. She has worked with both amateur and college level athletes.

After over 20 years of working as a nurse practitioner, Mary Page chose to pursue a career as a neurotherapist. She initially became involved with neurotherapy to help her children, but after seeing such dramatic results wanted to make this incredible therapy available to others so she founded Colorado Center for Neurofeedback & Peak Performance.

Mary Page believes that all neurofeedback providers should be certified and all neurofeedback sessions should be guided by a QEEG also known as a brain map. Our clinic has performed well over 1,000 brain maps and has seen amazing results.

Having a background in the medical field gives her an advantage over other providers. She has done thousands of physical assessments on patients, and has not only prescribed medications but understands the pharmacology behind the medications that her clients are using. In 2019, Mary Page became certified through the Institute of Functional Medicine as a certified provider. 




Kristin Mazzarese is a Board Certified Neurotherapist, Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Professional School Counselor with experience helping children, adolescents and their families create positive changes in their lives since 2004. Kristin earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology in 2001 and her Master of Education degree in Counseling in 2004, both from The Pennsylvania State University. Kristin joined The Colorado Center of Neurofeedback in 2014.  She has done thousands of neurofeedback sessions and brain maps.  She is also certified as a QEEG-D which is involves extensive training in analyzing QEEG data

Kristin has worked with individuals to improve issues related to Autism Spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, anxiety, depression, social skills deficits, anger management, academic achievement, goal setting, values identification, grief and loss, conflict resolution, crisis intervention, and abuse and neglect. Kristin has provided counseling services in one-on-one and in group settings, through consultation and collaboration with families and school personnel, and using a variety of modalities including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Play Therapy.




Marina Bommarito is a Masters Level Clinician with her degree in Clinical Mental Health and Counseling from  Colorado Christian University. She is also a Board Certified Neurotherapist and a Licensed Profesional Counselor Candidate. Marina earned her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from the University of Tampa in 2015. She has been working in the Neurofeedback field since 2017 and is passionate about mental health. 


Marina has experience working in private practice collaborating with clients both individually and in group settings.  With an empowering & non-judgmental approach she utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Solution Focused Therapy in addition to the Neurofeedback technology with skills including motivational interviewing, mindfulness to help her clients reach their mental health goals. She has been working with clients suffering from anxiety, depression, relationship problems, sleep issues, eating disorders, learning disabilities, self-exploration, and much more. She is honored to be working in this field and walking side by side with people as they choose growth, healing, and happiness. 

For more information on Marina's services, click here.

MA Clinical Mental Health and Counseling, BCN, LPC

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